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รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ ประสบการณ์ตรง University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth 


รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

Her named is Alexy, Romania friend, she is my roommate.


น้องบัว | Pre-master course | period of 3 months


Where I live….

23 Maxwell Road, Southsea PO4 9DP, Portsmouth

A shared house, there are 4 rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 bath room. The cost excluding bills are 320 pounds per month and with bills are 360 pounds (40 pounds for bills, excluding internet).

รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

In front of my house   | On Maxwell Road …

รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

This is my room, looks untidy because I just moved in.  I   live in the second floor of the house…  


Why did I choose Portsmouth?

The main reason is my mother. She used to spend her years in Portsmouth for her internship from Chulalongkorn University, 20 years ago. She is in love with this city.


How to go to the university?

The first day, I don’t know where the bus stop is. So the best thing I should do is to walk… yeah, you heard it right! Walking L After I have been walked for 2 weeks. Then I asked my roommate, Matthew, he told me to walk straight until you see Lidl market (the cheapest shop in Portsmouth). Then there you are, the bus stop. Before the time I found the bus stop, it took me 45 minutes to walk. I was walking for 45 minutes from my house to the university for 2 weeks. But it helps me to do some exercises. It was good any way. After a month, I decided to buy a used bicycle, some Thai aunty sold me for only 20 pounds with helmet. So now I am riding, it takes me 20 minutes or less. I think walking is better than cycling because I feel tired to cycle than to walk. It saves me 20 minutes, but then you need to see the sign properly because you need to ride it on the road.

Interesting places around the university…

รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

Guildhall Building

Where can I go for cycling?

Here is the seaside in Southsea. I always go to the seaside and sit there alone. I love to spend time on my own. Whenever I feel bored, I go out cycling. This place is about 10 minutes from my house. The Christmas light decorated for upcoming Christmas weeks.


In the University, if you study, then it is not that tough to get good grade. But you just need to follow Professor’s instruction to succeed your destination. Tom is the Processor in Research method class of mind. He told us to organize our time properly. How can you do your best to study? He told us to organize your time and do a group discussion. So we (Sarah (Morocco), Elby (Vietnamese), Bob (Jordan) and I) did.


รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

The leftmost is Sarah, the middle one is Elby and me.


รีวิว เรียน ต่อ อังกฤษ

The greatest thing here in the University Library is you can bring chips and food inside.  These hot chocolate are for 2 pounds each. You will love it. For suggestion…. Enjoy and don’t be scared to try new thing on your own


รีวิวเรียนต่อจาก น้องบัว ตอนไปเรียนที่ประเทศอังกฤษ