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Alfriston college นิวซีแลนด์

Alfriston College 

โรงเรียนมัธยมที่มีคุณภาพ ต้องที่นิวซีแลนด์

Alfriston College is a secondary school in the suburb of Alfriston in Auckland, New Zealand

Alfriston College was the first state funded secondary school to be built in the last 25 years It opened with year 9 students and expanded to cover more senior classes each year as the original students aged. From 2008, 

all secondary years (9-13) are taught. Alfriston College is known for producing great sports teams Volleyball is the most popular and basketball is not so far behind.




Manukau City is just 25 minutes from downtown Auckland, North Island New Zealand. Forty minutes on the train will take you from Manurewa to Downtown Auckland City Auckland Airport is located in Manukau, and is the arrival point each year for over 1.7m visitors to New Zealand. Framed by 320kms of sparkling coastline, stretched between the Manukau and Waitamata Harbours, beautiful rolling countryside rubs shoulder to shoulder with Auckland s true urban authenticity. Home to 165 ethnic groups, Manukau reflects the diversity of its communities - colourful, vibrant and proud.
Alfriston College is located in Manurewa, towards rural Alfriston and Clevedon. Alfriston College is a new multicultural secondary school. It opened in January 2004 with 275 Year 9 students and now caters for students from Years 9 - 13 (age 13-19) to a capacity of 1500. The learning environment and curriculum have been designed to cater for 21st century learners.

The natural advantages of a warm climate, beautiful beaches and cultural events contribute to the popularity of one of the most vibrant cities in New Zealand.


Uniform at Alfriston College


All junior and senior learners must wear uniform. The standards are strictly enforced so you must wear the correct shoes, socks, shirts etc. You will get used to it! Nearly all students in New Zealand high schools wear uniform. Don t worry about it – just think of it as part of the experience. Our school blazer is only used for formal occasions and the school lends one to you for these occasions.

International Students Pre-departure Booklet Alfriston College
If you play sport at Alfriston College, you will be required to hire an Alfriston College sports uniform for that particular sport. These are available from the sports department at school

If you are ready to enrol at Alfriston College, please fill in the forms in the order they are listed. Fee information is also given . The forms must be read carefully, understood and completed, then returned to us here at Alfriston. 


Alfriston college 

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