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เรียนมัธยม New South Wales Highschool ที่ ออสเตรเลีย

New South Wales   Highschool

 Our international student program (ISP) welcomes students from around the world into NSW government schools. The program is for students intending to graduate from high school or enrol in a primary school. Students enter Australia on a student visa.
NSW government schools are Australia's largest education provider, and our school curriculum and integrated welfare programs are highly regarded internationally. 

We believe that international students bring invaluable experiences, knowledge and diversity into our school communities, and this enriches our school culture and students' understanding of the world we live in. 


What we offer

We offer students an inclusive school culture, first-class teaching and learning, an opportunity to gain high-level English language skills, and an experience of the Australian lifestyle. 
In 2016, over 25% of our ISP students appeared on the merit list of Distinguished Achievers, having scored over 90 in a subject. Additionally 6 students gained ‘Top All-Rounder' status, having scored 90 or above in 10 units or more. 
These outstanding achievements are even more impressive since these students came from 52 different schools, demonstrating excellent results across a range of schools and locations.  


DE International Awards 2016. 


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