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โรงเรียนมัธยม Footscray City College ออสเตรเลีย สนใจโรงเรียนเมือง เมลเบริน์ ซิดนีย์ บริสเบน

Footscray City College

Footscray City College is a Year 7-12 and TAFE co-educational school that is located in Melbourne, Australia. It is adjacent to Victoria University's Footscray Park campus, and Footscray Park itself.


Footscray City College is located in Melbourne, Victoria with an average teacher rating of 4.02 stars. When comparing Footscray City College's teachers to other teachers in the state of Victoria, Footscray City College's teachers are below the average of 4.07 stars. Footscray City College ranks 1 amongst all High Schools in the state of Victoria.

Footscray City College (FCC) is a Year 7- 12 co-educational college located in Melbourne’s inner west, adjacent to Victoria University. There are currently approximately 1000 students enrolled.

FCC is fully committed to supporting students to aspire to the highest levels of achievement in their academic pursuits. There has been a proud and consistent record of outstanding achievement in VCE, for many years.
The Sciences and the Arts are the curriculum strengths of the college, and an extensive range of subject and programs choices are offered. Students value this choice to suit their individual interests and needs.
There is an outstanding instrumental music program, as well as a comprehensive sports program and many opportunities to be involved in the performing arts, student leadership and community service.

The over-arching emphasis is on our students realising academic potential, and developing into confident, articulate, well-rounded young people with a sense of social responsibility.
A successful TAFE Media program is offered within the college. It enrols a relatively small cohort of students who have completed VCE.



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